JD Texture Pack 1, 2020 Updated Version

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The NEW JD Texture Pack One includes:

• 24 Original JD Textures, resized to be high resolution for today’s digital file resolution requirements.

• 30 ALL NEW and/or redesigned textures

• 30 Color Overlays, created to add depth and color richness, but with the texture eliminated.

• Bonus Texture Integration Actions

The product that started my entire business… JD Texture Pack 1.

In 2020, I rebuilt the older texture files to size them for larger digital images. I also created ALL NEW textures and redesigned many of the original textures from the set to reflect how I would have created them today, modifying tone, texture and other values to modernize. Lastly, many people love the tones and the depth my textures offer, but don’t want the textures themselves. To address these customers, I’ve created a separate folder of the 30 textures that work best as overlays, then removed the texture from the file, leaving only the color tones. Lastly, I’ve included bonus texture integration actions for those looking to streamline their texture edits or learn new tricks with blending modes.

Texture Names: 

Batik, Blue Sky, Blush, Broken, Brushed, Color Shift, Dark Place, Dead Brown Bug, Distressed, Distressed 2, Field of Gold, Gold Mine, Halo, Handtool, Lint, Mesh, Mysteries, Opening, Orbit, Pavement, Powder, Quiet Boom, Scratches, Space, Worn

These textures will work for any version of Adobe Photoshop or Creative Cloud. They will also work for Adobe Elements, GIMP, Affinity and Pic Monkey products. The free bonus integration actions will ONLY work on Adobe editing systems, but the main (jpg) overlays and textures will work on any program that allows jpegs to be imported on a separate layer and adjusted with a blending mode.

1 review for JD Texture Pack 1, 2020 Updated Version

  1. John JOYCE (verified owner)

    I have Textures 1 and 1. They are great for adding apparent depth and complexity of light. Also help as a late layer to harmonise composites. The ‘blurred’ one are usual for when you want to tones but not the texture. Excellent products.

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thank you so much John!

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