JD QuickFlow Actions and Tints

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QuickFlow Photoshop Actions balance exposure, retouch, tint, and add depth to your images. Video Tutorials are included with this product. If you are ready to speed your workflow, get this collection of actions today!

QuickFlow Actions were designed for clean edits, done quickly, but with an elegant design that allows you to add and customize,.  You’ll find it’s quick and easy to apply them to even the  most detailed, fine art edits. I’ve basically been using these actions on everything I’ve edited since they were announced in September of 2019. Created for photographers and artists who want a balanced, clean base edit with minimal hassle, this set allows you to create beautiful edits that are polished but don’t feel heavy-handed.

Two QuickFlow, Speed-Editing Multi Actions, which include:

  • Exposure Balancing
  • Close Up Retouching and Detail Sharpening
  • Full-Body Retouching and Detail Sharpening
  • Four Instant Overlays to Add Depth and Color
  • Quick Portrait Fixes including Eye Brightening, Reducing Reds, and Teeth Whitening
  • Quick Tone and Contrast Adjustments
  • Ten Portrait Enhancing Tints, intended to be used after the QuickFlow actions are applied to change the color space to add additional pop and refinement.
  • Free Video Tutorials and Demonstrations
  • Free PDF Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Photographers and artists love using these actions for exposure balance, retouching, and adding tint and depth to images. Speed your workflow today!This product is not compatible with Lightroom.

The JD Quick Flow Actions & Tints actions will ONLY work for Adobe CS 2-6, Adobe Creative Cloud, and for Adobe PSE 11+.

This product works in all language versions of Photoshop, but the user MUST manually change the bottom layer to read “Background” for it to function properly.

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications, and have double-checked items in your cart. Due to the nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds.

7 reviews for JD QuickFlow Actions and Tints

  1. Pauline van der Spuy (verified owner)

    Quick flow actions and tints have been on my bucket list for a while. How delighted I was to try them out tonight. As with Jessica Drossin’s other products, these actions and tints are very easy to use – in fact once you engage the action, the steps are listed so logically laid out in the layers panel and there you can tweak and change opacities and blending modes to suit your own photo. The prompts are all there, you just need to choose according to your style. Although it is listed as Quickflow, Speedediting, this product truly provides far more that basic editing. It is packed with value-adding details. The package includes tones, tints, fixes, retouching, overlays and so much more. It is hard to believe that so much is packed into this one set.
    Quickflow worked like a dream on a portrait but I decided to also just experiment with some of the adjustments and toning on a still life photo – it worked like magic. I could apply the “underexposed fixes”, the toning such as “bay Leaf” and “all spice” as well as a vignette. This package is definitely not limited to portraits.

  2. Aniak

    This action set is my staple. I use it on every single image I edit now. It has saved me so much time and the results are fantastic.

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thank you Ania! Mine too! I meant to create them for just “everyday” edits, but now use them on every edit, every day!

  3. [email protected]

    Where can I even begin with this product? I don’t know how I survived without it for so long. I didn’t think I needed to get it, then I decided OK I will give it a try…well I was floored at the huge improvement it gives to my images. In the cases of “not perfect lighting” it made my images just pop. This allows the ease of adjusting without the headaches of wishing I would have shot things differently. Sometimes situations aren’t ideal for the perfect image, but this Quickflow set saves an otherwise not so ideal image. Also the tutorials provided are so easy to follow. LOVE THIS

    • Jessica Drossin

      Aw, thank you so much for your feedback! I’m so glad to hear you love it — especially if you were initially on the fence!

  4. Desirée Rolfe (verified owner)

    My new favourite! This is a great starting point for ANY photo.

  5. jayneekins (verified owner)

    Want to make your editing process easier and add beauty to your image? This is the product for you. I use it all the time and love it!!!

  6. Diana Comberiati (verified owner)

    Quickflow exceeded my expectations. It was easy to use and instantly cut down my post processing time.

  7. Diana Comberiati (verified owner)

    Quick flow exceeded my expectations. It was easy to use and instantly cut down my post processing time.

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