JD Bougainvillea Background and Overlays

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These charming Bougainvillea backgrounds and overlays add a burst of color to your edits, allowing you to add a little bit of magic and alter the look and feel of any project. Swap out an entire location or simply add branches and blooms. You’ll love these easy-to-use backgrounds and overlays! Includes BONUS actions that allow you to customize the pink/purple tones to the exact shade you want!

  • Two high-resolution l backgrounds with four variations (jpeg 8688 x 5792 px @ 300 dpi)
  • Five bougainvillea top overlays specially designed to be easy drag and drop — all backgrounds have been removed!
  • Six PNG Overlays files add matching falling blossoms

• One PNG large bloom overlay for detail work

• One PNG bougainvillea leaf “shoe-overlap” overlay to make subject integration more realistic

• One video tutorial (see below) to guide you though the process of an edit from beginning to end

• Two bloom color transforming actions adjust the flower tones to your specifications!

Video Tutorial

Easily add color and whimsy to your work with charming backgrounds and overlays. These backgrounds and overlays will ONLY work for Adobe CS 2-6, Adobe Creative Cloud, and for Adobe Photoshop Elements 11+.

They  MAY work in programs that allow you to import JPEG and use layers, such as GIMP.

This product is not compatible with Lightroom.

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications, and have double-checked items in your cart prior to completing the purchase. Due to the nature of these backgrounds and overlays, refunds can not be given.

1 review for JD Bougainvillea Background and Overlays

  1. [email protected]

    This product is amazing. I had so much fun with this and transforming my plain images into something magical. Love the versatility of this as well.

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thank you so much! So glad you’re enjoying it!

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