JD Green Tone Correction Actions

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Completely Updated!

Over a Dozen New and Improved Actions

A must-have for summer images, these amazing Photoshop actions quickly correct harsh, neon-green tones in grass and trees. You are left with softer, more attractive shades. Skin tones and other colors will remain.

Get started with the free video tutorial demonstration and you’ll be ready to correct those undesirable tones in no time.

Upgraded for even more shades of green and greater control over skins, these actions are easy-to-use and can be easily customized. The JD Green Tone Correction Actions (2020) will make the green tones in your spring and summer shots gorgeous!

Thirty All-New Actions and Improved Actions, Including:

  • 1 Audition Action

Effortlessly preview the twelve different green-tone correction options instantly. The audition makes it easy to mix and blend different effects to create the perfect green tone for your image.

  • 13 Green Tone Correction Actions

Green tones can be tricky. When you edit, do you find that the green tones often become displeasing, distracting from the focal point by overpowering the delicate tones in your image? Are you looking for a way to isolate and subdue these overly warm, neon-green tones fast and efficiently? Run these actions alone or combine them with your regular workflow to control the look of the natural greenery in your shot and the green casts they create.

Previous owners can upgrade for only $9,99, please email me at [email protected] and provide proof of original purchase.

  • 13 Green Tone Correction Paints

The same actions as above, but applied only where you want them. Masks already created, simply paint in where you want to adjust the green and yellow tones.

  • 4 Bonus Actions

Four Bonus Actions to quickly adjust the saturation, the red-balance, and duplicate each action’s effects.

  • Easy and Customizable

The actions are stack-able and completely adjustable. You can alter their opacity to effortlessly fit your editing style. These green tone correction actions are quick to apply, easy- to-mask, easy-to-blend, and completely undo-able.

  • Free Video Tutorial and Demonstration
  • Free PDF Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Green tones are quite often harsh and extremely undesirable, but correcting tones doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply apply these actions in your editing process and enjoy a more attractive finished piece.

This collection of  Green Tone Correction actions ONLY works for Adobe CS 2-6, Adobe Creative Cloud and for Adobe Photoshop Elements 11+.

This product is not compatible with Lightroom.

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read through full tech specifications, and have double-checked all items in your cart. Due to the nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds at this time.

The Horse and Girl in Pasture image is courtesy of Clare Ahalt Photography.

9 reviews for JD Green Tone Correction Actions

  1. B (verified owner)

    Such an awesome action pack! I am able to achieve the exact green tones I have always envisioned. Thank so much!

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thank you so much for your review! I’m so glad you are enjoying these!

  2. CAROLYN OSTEN (verified owner)

    This is so a diverse and varied approach to greens. Allows me to mix and match and achieve the look I want with greens without turning them all to Fall – which totally has a place in my portfolio – just not always and only Fall tones. Thank you! The added red balance action helps offset beautifully and tweaking opacity lets me make these ‘me’. Not a cookie cutter look.

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful review Carolyn!

  3. Pauline van der Spuy (verified owner)

    These green tones and correction deliver exactly what they promise and so much more. The toning is gentle but real and adds authenticity to changes and corrections. The corrections still allow the auther to have total control over blending modes and opacity. This is a tool every photographer should have in their editing arsenal.

  4. Mark Palmer (verified owner)

    The green tone corrections are the perfect tool for summer/spring macro photography. This saves so much time softening and changing the tone of the green plant life, drawing attention to the intended subject.

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thank you so much for you review! I am so glad you are enjoying the product!

  5. LisaDominguez

    This has been an essential part of my workflow this summer. I no longer worry about shooting in a really green environment. Love this product

  6. Desirée Rolfe (verified owner)

    If my photo has green, you can be guaranteed I use JD Green Tone Correction.

  7. Jill Klicman (verified owner)

    This set is so helpful in toning down those greens that sometimes are distracting! A must have from Jessica Drossin!

  8. karen1

    You have too much green, don’t worry these actions that Jessica create are amazing. They will soften, make it greener or even take the green out. You won’t go wrong with these actions.

  9. jayneekins

    I have been trying to figure out how some digital artist have such beautiful greens in their images…now I just click on an action and I have them too!

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