JD Lightscaping Instant Overlays

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35+ All-New Actions, Including:


• 3 Audition Actions
Effortlessly preview all 29 Lightscaping Instant Overlays at once or in categorized groups with the click of a button, saving hours of experimentation and guesswork! The auditions also help to mix and blend different overlays to create endless variety and quick customization!

• 29 Instant Lightscaping Overlays
Do you love adding light effects and depth by working with overlays but lack the time to locate, open, place, blend and mask them? My Instant Overlays are the very first of their kind, simply summon any overlay you want to use with the click of a button and BOOM! it’s placed with a suggested blending mode and opacity. Add instant drama and lead the eye to the focal point with flares, rays and directional light effects FASTER and EASIER than ever before! While the overlays are set to a default blending mode and opacity, these settings can easily be adjusted to Soft Light, Overlay, Hard Light, or Screen mode — exactly as you would with any standard jpeg overlay!

• 9 Bonus Actions
Five Bonus Actions quickly adjust your overlays (blurring, intensifying, desaturating,and flipping). Two Bonus Mask Alternative Actions help you minimize the effects of the overlays on skin tones while maintaining the overall tone integrity. Two Bonus Custom Light Ray Overlays create light effects by pulling from strong available light sources already in your image. (Please note: The original image must contain white areas to pull detail from for these bonus actions to function properly).

• Easy and Customizable
The overlays are completely stack-able and adjustable. You can alter their opacity, blending modes and saturation to effortlessly fit your editing style. These instant lightscaping overlays are quick to apply, easy to mask, easy to blend, and completely undo-able.

• Free Video Tutorial and Demonstration

 • Free PDF Tutorial

Video Tutorial

These products are ACTIONS that create overlays, NOT traditional jpeg overlays.

This product is not compatible with Lightroom.

The Illumination Instant Overlay actions will ONLY work for Adobe CS 2-6, Adobe Creative Cloud and for Adobe PSE 11+ (no earlier versions).

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications and double checked items in your cart. Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds.

2 reviews for JD Lightscaping Instant Overlays

  1. Jill Klicman

    Create beautiful light from these easy to use overlays!

  2. Susan Norwood (verified owner)

    These overlays are easy to use and the light adds a special touch to my photos. Great product!

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