JD Watercolor Inspired Tints and Textures

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Do you love the soft look and gentle texture of watercolor paintings but need your images to retain the details that make them photographs? This beautiful watercolor-painting inspired set allows you to have the best of both worlds, offering soft suggestion of a watercolor painting, but without the harsh filter effects that distort and eliminate facial and other desired photographic details.

Includes Eight Actions:

• One Audition Action allows you to quickly preview all the action tones, allowing for fast decisions and quick combinations.

• 8 Light and Airy Vintage Watercolor Tint Actions, inspired by soft watercolor contrast and tones.

• All Vintage Watercolor Tint actions are completely stackable, customizable, and non-destructive, leaving your original image untouched.

• Easy-to-Use and Fun-to-Customize, these gentle tones offer an endless variety of results depending upon how they are stacked and combined.

Includes 15 High Resolution, Watercolor Inspired Textures: 

• 5 Watercolor Paper Textures

• 5 Watercolor Detail Textures

• 5 Watercolor Texture Enhancements

Also Includes 5 High Resolution, Watercolor Inspired Combination PSD files:

• Simply paste your SOOC or Final Edited Image under the bottom layer and you have instant Watercolor Texture Effects!


• Includes 15 BONUS actions for easy texture integration and customization.

• Free Video Tutorial Demonstration

Video Tutorial

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  1. Helga Jackson (verified owner)

    Just Wow – that is all I have to say – just wow – wonderful product!

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