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Painterly Textures: Canvas & Brush Strokes

There is No Substitute for a Great Texture.

I’ve loved textures for a long time…. Why? Because they have the power to instantly transform a photo more than any other editing tool I’ve ever used. Add a texture in multiply mode to darken, in screen or lighten to instantly brighten, in soft light or overlay to add contrast and depth.

Add Depth, Tonality and Brushed Strokes

All my texture packs have a theme. The idea behind Painterly Textures was to allow the outside edges to offer an Old Masters effect, while leaving the center of the image less textured. This allows a close up portrait to feel painterly without distracting from the subject’s face.

Ten + brush stroked textures – great for close up portrait detail

Portrait-friendly tones with bold, brush strokes.

Watch Me Edit Using the Painterly Textures Here:

Client Gallery

Showcasing gorgeous work from the Beautiful World Facebook Group… Artists and photographers incorporating Painterly Textures into their workflow.

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Painterly Textures: Canvas & Brush Strokes

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