JD Red Rock Moon Tutorial PLUS


Learn how to create dramatic edits in Photoshop! This step-by-step video will take your through the entire process of my edit, including basic compositing!

Every photograph is different. Have you ever felt frustrated watching editing videos with techniques that are hard to put into practice with the images you have on hand? For $15 more, get the PLUS version of this tutorial and edit right along with me — using my original file.

By editing this way, you can really understand how I’m specifically changing an image. Use this knowledge on your own photos after we’ve edited this one together!

Plus version ALSO includes the Full Moon Overlay!

Unlimited, lifetime access to streaming video.

Create dramatic edits in Photoshop! This step-by-step video will take you through the entire edit process, including basic compositing. The Plus version also comes with the original image, so you can follow along to develop a deep understanding of exactly how Jessica edited her photo. Then, when you are comfortable with the technique, you can move on to produce this same look with your own images. 

This Tutorial Covers

Editing with Adobe Camera Raw, including:

  • Balancing exposures
  • Exposure blending
  • Recovering sky detail

Editing with Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, including:

  • Blending exposures and painting into masks
  • Basic compositing
  • Blending modes and adjustment layers
  • Selective editing of areas
  • Dodging and burning
  • Color enhancement and correction
  • Creating custom vignettes
  • Creating a range of tonality and dimension in a painterly way (without looking HDR)
  • Using actions (not included, special coupon available in download)
  • Integrating overlays (not included, special coupon included in download)
  • Editing in a relaxed, stress-free way designed to enjoy the process of creating art

This 15-minute tutorial demonstrates MOSTLY hand edits, but does include a segment where I use QuickStart Actions & Tints (NOT included)

Skill level recommended: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate.

Best results if you already have at least a basic understanding of Photoshop layers, adjustment layers, and masking. This video demonstrates an edit in Photoshop CC, 2017. To follow along completely, it is recommended you have the Adobe Camera Raw filter built into your Photoshop (CS6+). This product is not compatible with Lightroom.


Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications, and have double-checked items in your cart. Due to the nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds.


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