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The Super Grunge concept developed for me after a year of using Illuminations. I loved what the Illumination Textures did, but I felt I needed to explore some different ideas and processing. If the Illuminations Sets were about opening up images to discovering new light and color, then Super-Grunge was its alter ego, standing in the shadows feeling sentimental, moody and introspective. In fact, I got so involved making the pack that Super Grunge evolved into 2 packs – one Vintage, one Urban. Additionally, I loved the prospect of sharing some non-textured designs such as 3 Vintage Grunge Frames and 3 Vintage Grunge Brushes which, along with 3 Vintage Grunge Vignettes and a tutorial, are included in each pack.

The theory behind Super Grunge Vintage Textures was to play with adding more attitude and grunge but incorporate an introspective and sentimental feel in each image. Vintage is the soft sister pack to Urban, packing light and texture detail. Like Illuminations, the textures work well on top of each other in the more subtle blending modes like “Soft Light”.

Additionally, as in Super Grunge Urban, I’ve added in some extras… Three Vintage Grunge Brushes, Three Vintage Grunge Photo Frames and Three Custom Edge Vignettes.

All textures are created high resolution (4320 x 2880 pixels) so you can print these on even your largest customer print orders.

Texture Names:

Aged, Analog, Ashes, Bad Film, Blister, Bramble, Bruised Ego, Carded, Cathedral, Chaos, Debased, Downpour, Emulsify, Enigma, Fault, Fog, Grit, Infested, Last Hope, Modern, Nova, Quest, Sea Storm, Sharp Ice, Stained Canvas, Traces, Uneven

• Allegory, Tintype, Whiplash

• Texture files work with all versions of Elements, Photoshop, and GIMP. This product is not compatible with Lightroom.
• The PDF tutorial included with the textures only specifically addresses Photoshop users. For tutorials demonstrating Elements, GIMP and Photoshop, please visit the Tutorials section on the site’s menu.
• All texture files are high-resolution jpegs sized at 40 x 60 inches at 72 dpi. This translates to 14.4 x 9.6 inches at 300 dpi or 4320 x 2880 pixels.

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications and double checked items in your cart. Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds.

1 review for JD Super Grunge Vintage Textures

  1. Jill Klicman

    A classic offering from Jessica Drossin that has never gone out of style. Gives your images that little of of “extra” grit and dimension that you are looking for.

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