JD Deluxe Sampler: Photography Tool Assortment

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Photographers! This sampler has everything — Actions, Presets, Overlays, Brushes and a step-by-step tutorial!

Save 80% for a limited time.

• Bronze Twilight Presets for Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom and Mobile

Edit on your desktop or mobile device! Add richness and warmth to your photos easily, with just a click. Four artistic presets total. These presets work on Lightroom Mobile for edits on your phone or other mobile device (iPad, etc). Download includes both DNG and XML files. If you love these, check out my full line of presets!

•  Illuminations Instant Overlay Actions Sampler

Enjoy using overlays without the hassle of placement! These instant overlays are created from actions but work exactly like the traditional versions! Add depth, tone, and vignettes easily. Five unique-to-this-set instant overlay actions are included in this sampler which has been reworked to be compatible the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud. Full sets here.

• Illuminations Instant Overlay Sampler

Includes 5 New Lightscaping Instant Overlay Actions, including: Soft Peach Left Flare, Soft Peach Right Flare, Upper Left Warm Light, Upper Right Warm Light, and Lantern Light. Full sets here.

• Autumn Tones Sampler

Instantly and adjustably changes alters the tones in your photographs to look more like Autumn. These actions warm and desaturate greens, enhance golds, and gently warm blue and cyan tones. Full sets here.

• Four High-Resolution Fine Art Textures

Add depth and artist effects to your work with these four textures, redesigned and rebuilt in 2022 for higher-resolution camera images. Textures include: Harper 2022, Vessel 2022, More Sublime and a Wuthering Heights sample texture. Watch my tutorial videos to see how I use textures. This download also includes a PDF tutorial.

• Red Correction Action

Quickly and easily tone down red tones in portraits. Includes two actions.

• Three Road Maps Color Grading Actions

Includes the tones: Orleans (rebuilt for 2022), El Paso (rebuilt for 2022) and Dakota Dunes (new for 2022). All actions are completely customizable and stackable, keeping your original image and any other layers intact.

• Black and White Conversion Action

Once you’ve finished editing your color image, this quick conversion action will give you rich black and white tones while protecting delicate details and transitions from overly bright highlights or murky shadows.

• Four Unique Clouds & Color Toning Sky Integration Actions

These gorgeous cloud overlays are ready to use, no cloning needed. Watch my free videos for tips on how to easily apply! Includes 20+ actions to help you quickly and integrate your skies into your background!

• Blown Sky Cloud Replacement Action

Easily replace blown out skies with this sky replacement action. Once you’ve added your sky, integrate the cloud’s tones with the Cloud Integration Actions included with the Cloud Overlay Sampler (included).

• Snow Brush Sampler

Easily add snow effects with these Photoshop and Elements-compatible brushes. If you love it and want to try more of my winter or weather effects, check out my Endless Winter and Force of Nature Products!

• Glitter Sampler

Add some instant magic or glamour to your images with these fun and fabulous glitter brushes! If you love them, check out the full product here.

Overlays are compatible with CS2-6, CC and PSE 6+. The overlays may also be compatible with programs that allow you to import jpg files, such as Luminar, GIMP and Affinity.

Actions are compatible with for CS 2-6, for Adobe Creative Cloud and for PSE 11+ (not earlier versions).

Brushes are compatible with for CS 2-6, for Adobe Creative Cloud and for PSE 11+ (not earlier versions).

Presets are compatible with for Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom or Lightroom Mobile.

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications and double checked items in your cart. I do not offer refunds.

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