JD More Macabre Ravens

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These beautiful (but kinda creepy!), realistic and easy-to-add ravens will add an extra sense of the macabre to your Halloween edits!

The set includes:

• 23 High Resolution, Easy-To-Apply Raven Overlays, including 2 large bird images.
• 2 Raven Feather Overlays
• 2 Composite Raven Overlays
• Free Bonus Overlay Integration Actions

Overlays are compatible with CS2-6, CC and PSE 6+.

The FREE Bonus Actions will ONLY work for CS 2-6, for Adobe Creative Cloud and for PSE 11+ (not earlier versions).

This product is NOT compatible with Lightroom. It MAY be compatible with Affinity and Pic Monkey (ONLY the overlays, not bonus actions).

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications and double checked items in your cart. All sales are final.

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1 review for JD More Macabre Ravens

  1. Helga Jackson

    They are not just for Halloween! You can create amazing creative images with these overlays and give your images a new dimension!

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