JD Magical Glitter Sampler

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These overlays are NOT included in the full product download, so they will be new and fresh for all!


• 4 High Resolution PNG Overlays

• One Photoshop Brush

If you’ve never tried adding an overlay, please watch my free Tutorials! I don’t have a specific tutorial for this sampler set, but the concepts are the same as in the full Magical Glitter Overlays and Brushes set. To see the video, simply scroll down.

You can ALSO check out the tutorials available here on the Glitter, Dust and Fireflies set.

What’s the difference in these Glittery sets you ask?

Well, think of Glitter, Dust and Fireflies as collection of three concepts. It has 12 Glitter Overlays but additional, different kinds of overlays as well. The Magical Glitter Set is ONLY about Glitter and has a much more diverse and varied collection of overlays and brushes (70+) to add all kinds of different effects!

This product will not work in Lightroom. Sorry.

Video Tutorial

Overlays are compatible with CS2-6, CC and PSE 6+.

This sampler is also compatible with Photoshop Elements 6+.

Glitter sampler overlays are also compatible with GIMP and any other program that accepts PNG and JPEG overlays as separate layers and allows for changing blending modes.

These overlays WILL NOT work in Lightroom.

Please make sure you’ve chosen your products carefully, read tech specifications and double checked items in your cart. Due to the nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds.

2 reviews for JD Magical Glitter Sampler

  1. Helga Jackson (verified owner)

    you truly can make any image ‘magical’ with this set – very versatile – love using this!

  2. karen1 (verified owner)

    With Christmas coming this is another great overlay to give your photo a bling.

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