JD Haunted Graveyard Digital Background & Overlays


These mysterious and eerie digital backdrops were inspired by Halloween and Gothic Romance novels, like Wuthering Heights and The Woman in White. This pack comes with 2 high-resolution digital backgrounds, one vertical, one horizontal. Each background’s photo was taken on the same graveyard path but in slightly different areas of the cemetery. Add JD Leaf Overlays, JD Raven overlays or JD Macabre Collection Fog overlays to make the look even richer and more unique.

This set includes:

• One high-resolution horizontal Haunted Graveyard background
• One high-resolution vertical Haunted Graveyard background.
• One high-resolution Angel on Tombstone overlay.
• One high-resolution Angel with Cross Tomb overlay.
• Three versions of each background, for a total of six options.
• Three versions of each Tombstone Overlay, for a total of six options.
• A foreground ivy overlay.

This product will work in Photoshop Creative Suite, Adobe Elements and any other program that accepts Photoshop (PSD) files.

This product will not work in Lightroom.

Original photo was shot wide open and there is some chromatic distortion in the file. I think it looks artistic but if you don’t care for that look, this isn’t for you.


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