JD Grass Overlays and Brushes

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Trouble with integrating a composite? Bad crop on the feet? Unattractive shoes? Need to perk up a dull foreground? These grass brushes and overlays are SO VERSATILE and TRANSFORMATIVE. Easy to use, easy to customize, easy to edit, they will seamlessly integrate into  your image to bring a touch of nature to your foreground. Everything from cut green grass to tall weeds and scrub, you can get as detailed as you’d like. Ten Bonus Actions allow for fast integration. See the videos!


• 36 Grass Brushes and Stamps!

• 30 High Resolution, Easy-to-Add Grass and Tall Weed (with Wildflowers) Overlays!

• All overlays are PNG files that have transparent backgrounds – no masking is required!

• 10 BONUS Overlay Integration Actions to help you fully integrate the grass overlays into your photo!

• Free Tutorial Videos

• Installation Guide PDF included with reference guide images.


Video Tutorials

This is a large download due to high resolution files that fit edge to edge. If you have a slow connection and experience issues, I’m happy to help—simply email me at [email protected]

This product will not work with Lightroom.

Overlays and Brushes will work in all modern (and frankly, even most very old) versions of Adobe Photoshop, Creative Cloud, and Elements. The overlays will work with other editing programs that allow layers and PNG files to be imported.

The download is large! I am happy to help you if you have a slow internet connection if you email me at [email protected]

21 reviews for JD Grass Overlays and Brushes

  1. jayneekins (verified owner)

    Just like all of Jessica’s products the Grass Overlay and brush package is high quality and offers a variety of options.

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thanks so much for your feedback! I appreciate it and am so happy your enjoying your set!

  2. Kathy Detweiler (verified owner)

    I love these grass brushes and overlays. I do a lot of composites of animals and these are perfect for the work I do. There are so easy to use!

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thank you so much Kathy! I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying them!

  3. Susan Norwood (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful set! At first I thought I would only use the overlays but I was so impressed with how great the brushes are too. I’m so happy with this purchase!

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thank you so much! Brushes are better for some things, overlays for others! Glad you’re enjoying the set!

  4. wildatheartphoto (verified owner)

    I bought the grass overlays yesterday, and I’m in love with them. So often when I’m shooting, I can’t really control what the foreground looks like, especially with little kids running around from spot to spot. With these, I’m able to hide some of the messier foreground, and add depth and interest. The overlays are super easy to use. The colours are beautiful, easy to adjust, and natural looking.

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I agree! My daughter just RUNS half the time so having the ability to sort of make the foreground a little better has been a game changer for me.

  5. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I purchased these Grass Overlays and Brushes and they are wonderful like all of the JD Products. No disappointment here! So easy to use and perfect for composite use. Thank you Jessica for all your hard work!

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thanks so much Bonnie! So glad you are enjoying them! Thank you for your review!

  6. Helga Jackson (verified owner)

    Great product. I have to play with them some more but just a short retouching session showed how easy it is to work with them and how they improve my work. Highly recommended!

    • Jessica Drossin

      Wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing Helga!

  7. Natascha Osenga (verified owner)

    These are perfect and made it so much easier for my composites ! It’s a big bundle, so worth the money.

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thanks so much Natascha! I’m so glad you are enjoying them!

  8. karen1 (verified owner)

    Love the grass blushes and overlays. When I’m doing a composites and need to have something to hide or to add more grass in the picture, this is a great products.

  9. Pauline van der Spuy (verified owner)

    Some overlays just work and this set is one of them! They are very easy to use and blend so well. They can be used in such a variety of ways not only to disguise and cover unwanted areas of an image but more importantly to enhance, highlight and draw attention to focal parts of an image. They are also a useful unifying finishing touch. They can be combined with other overlays to create amazing unique artistic creations. I am sure they are going to rank high amongst my favourites.

  10. Rita (verified owner)

    What an amazing product! With the grass brushes and overlays I can fill the ‘gaps’ in my images. Sometimes I miss something in the foreground to make a good composition. With this new bundle I can restore my mistakes. So happy with it😍

  11. Dee Hunter (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the grass overlays. They are exactly what I needed 🙂

    • Jessica Drossin

      I’m thrilled to hear you’re loving them!

  12. BrandiBrock (verified owner)

    Every product Jessica comes out with is top notch and makes editing effortless. This product solves so many issues that I often have with cleaning up an edit and making the picture come together in a magical way like only Jessica can do.

    • Jessica Drossin

      Awwww! Thank you!!! So happy you’re enjoying them!

  13. DEISE DE OLIVEIRA (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite JD products so far. It’s not always easy to photograph dogs and sometimes we don’t have the perfect shot. These overlays and brushes are gorgeous and so simple to use. It has made my editing so much easier. Tha k you so much, Jessica!

    • Jessica Drossin

      I think shooting a three year old has made me very sensitive to this issue! Not so different from dogs, lol! Thank you!

  14. LisaDominguez

    I purchased these right after a senior session where I couldn’t find the pretty grassy spot We were looking for. We took the picture anyway. These overlays were the perfect answer! Best part- it’s not a product you use one way- the possibilities are endless. So useful.

    • Jessica Drossin

      I”m so glad you see the versatility these offer! So glad you’re enjoying them!

  15. tiffduke (verified owner)

    So easy to use, they look amazing and they add great detail to my photos. Love them!

    • Jessica Drossin

      Thank you so much for your thoughts! I appreciate them!

  16. Cathy (verified owner)

    Purchased a few days ago and used to edit 2 photos. Love them! Wish I had these years ago. Easy to use with great results.

  17. TeriMoyer22 (verified owner)

    So easy to use. I purchesed this a few days ago and very happy with the results I’ve had with both the overlays and the brushes.

    • Jessica Drossin

      I’m so glad! Thanks for the feedback, Teri!

  18. KimberlyMorris

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with this set. The overlays are very high quality and so easy to use!

  19. Maria Overlay

    I love this set, it has brought my visions to life, I use the grass overlays for bird and wildlife photos especially if there is some sort of unsightly element in the photo that I can cover with these. They are perfect! So easy to use too!

  20. Vicky Gustafsson (verified owner)

    Absolut favourite JD product, i use both the overlays and brushes in this set a lot.

  21. Svetlana Dimitrova (verified owner)

    Very versatile and easy to apply to my images. I have used them multiple times and work great.

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