JD Force of Nature, Weather Effects (Set 1)


Weather Effects will take your artistic shots to places they have never been. Discover the detail of snow, the motion of wind. Enhance the beauty of rain, add mood and mystery with fog, create something out of your wildest dreams with lightening bolts. These textures and actions are here to make what you see in your head come to life in a perfectly believable way. The only limit is your own mind. Push your imagination to the extreme. Expose yourself to the elements with Force of Nature Weather Effects.


53 Overlays Total
• 10 Rainbows for your color spectrum pleasure.
• 10 Fogs to add an element of mystery to your images.
• 6 Lightning Bolts for your most dramatic creations.
• 12 Rains to give you the elegance of precipitation with just a drag and drop.
• 10 Snows + 1 Ice for creating winter wonderlands out of any landscape.
• 4 Winds to add movement and dimension to your images.
• 5 Color Editing Actions
• 3 Rain-Making Actions, 3 Snow-Making Actions, 3 Fog-Making Actions, to provide you with a variety of options for editing weather. These actions can be used exclusively or in combination with the overlays, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.
• 8 Bonus Overlay Integration Actions, to assist you in editing and add mood to your entire image.
• 1 Bonus Foreground Grass Overlay

Designed for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

This product will not work in Lightroom.


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