JD Beautiful World Foundations, 2020: Complete 5 Set Collection of Fine Art Workflow Actions

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Everything you need to correct, customize, perfect and print your images. Complete workflow solutions for any project.

JD Beautiful World Foundations, 2020 Edition

You don’t have to be an expert at Photoshop to get results that are customized just for you! This set is appropriate for every level of photography from beginner to expert. As you grow, these sets will grow with you, helping you to achieve a balanced, clean, beautiful edit. Speed and perfect your workflow!

Over 135 Photoshop actions for perfecting problem areas, fine-tuning colors, controlled retouching for subtle or fine art results. There is no fluff in this product, every action delivers what it promises in an easy-to-understand, non-destructive way.

Whether you prefer a clean edit or want a beautiful base to build a fine art image on top of, these actions will allow YOU to find your own style in an easy, intuitive way. These sets can benefit ANY photography genre because they are so versatile and customizable, including portraits, macro, nature, life style, commercial or fine art.


Set 1: Basic Balance Foundations Set

Explore the possibilities of your image! Preview over 15 possibilities for different exposure balances! Once you’ve picked a direction, there are endless opportunities to fine-tune and customize to create the perfect base for your edit.

Set 2: Portrait Retouching Foundations

I get asked almost every day about how I retouch an image: THIS IS IT! Actions for softening skin, bringing out details like freckles, minimizing distractions, bringing out your subject’s best features. There is enough flexibility in this set to allow for both natural and stylized retouching. Whether you are seeking a soft and natural look or a fine art, painterly style, these actions will guide you to the vision you see in your head!

Set 3: Depth, Contrast + Glow Foundations

How to you set an image apart? By crafting it’s depth and contrast. By adding a glow. By shaping the light to your satisfaction. These actions allow both overall and fine-tuning possibilities add polish to your balanced exposure.

Set 4: Color + Tone Foundations

Great images have great tones and this set will help you to achieve them. Whether you’re seeking an overall shift or fine-tuning small areas, this set contains all the tricks for removing nasty color casts and perfecting skin tones.

Set 5: Detail + Correction Brushes Foundations

In a world where you see thousands of images a day, it’s the details that make you stop the scroll and focus on an image. Bring out the beautiful details in your image and removed the unwanted distractions with this comprehensive set. This set ALSO includes actions to finalize an edit, including tricks to create an version that will more closely approximate your original when you share it on Social Media, which tends to dull images when it compresses them.



The original Beautiful World Foundations set.

Foundations has been one of my best-selling products since I released it in 2013! Many people use it and will refer to specific actions. Since I’ve re-done the set, many of the original actions (and the entire first set!) no longer appear or are built differently. Now you can access BOTH versions, included here in this bundle!

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Foundations 2020 Actions work with all versions of Photoshop Creative Cloud and PS CS 5+

Original product (included with 2020 bundle) works with CS2-6 + Creative Cloud Compatible (all versions), PSE 11+ or PSE Versions 7-10 using the Actions Player mode (included in all Elements Products).

This product is not compatible with Lightroom, Affinity, GIMP or Pic Monkey.

7 reviews for JD Beautiful World Foundations, 2020: Complete 5 Set Collection of Fine Art Workflow Actions

  1. Maria Overlay

    Amazing, beautiful and creative, I love all of Jessica’s products!

  2. Jill Klicman

    Foundations is hands down my most used product from any vendor. It is an important part of my workflow. Just get it .. save yourself!!

  3. John JOYCE

    A ‘must have’ part of any work flow.

  4. Michele

    If you are looking for a place to start this is it! I purchased JD Beautiful World Foundations in 2016 and it is by far my best investment (not including my camera) I highly recommend foundations.

  5. Mark Palmer

    Beautiful World Foundations is a must have for any creative photographer. You’ll find yourself using it as a starting point for every photo you wish to enhance.

  6. jayneekins

    Another amazing product from Jessica. So many actions that add beauty and at the same time make editing so much easier.

  7. Vicky Gustafsson

    I love this set, it’s making the edit go way faster.

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