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Shining in the Dark — The Art of Paul Barson

Shining in the Dark, the Art of Paul Barson. Information to purchase is below.

A Short Introduction…

My primary interest in photography has always been portraits. Eight years ago, while on a photography site called 500px, a strikingly dark and soulful single flower stopped me in my scroll. The artist’s name was Paul Barson. I reached out to Paul as a fan and we became friends. I was in awe of his gift for seeing emotion and beauty in the imperfect, in his careful exploration of the “ordinary” nature I took for granted every day. His images of these natural objects — leaves, weeds or flowers — become almost human portraits in the way he shaped the light in his the images. Many of his subjects are wilted or broken, but each has a distinctive personality and a story to tell. Each of his images is pure poetry.

Paul was an easy guy to get along with. He was witty and insightful. He also had a supportive, giving nature. When I would share an image, he’d be there offering encouragement. When I needed help on my website, he offered his time with no expectations. After seeing the quality of his work and his easy nature to work with, Paul and I built a working relationship that lasted four years.

Paul was truly my right hand man. He built this very website, then patiently taught me how to use it. I miss his reassuring presence, his knowledge, his humor and his kindness every day.

”Paul” by Meagan Blazier

When it was sadly clear that Paul had limited time on earth due to terminal colon cancer, he and I worked to create this book as the legacy of his artistry. It gave me some joy and a sense of peace to be able to help him by putting together this incredible collection of his work.

How to Purchase the Coffee Table Book

Paul’s book is made with quality archival paper in hardback. This beautiful coffee table book, with his images produced on fine art paper, will inspire you to see nature with different eyes. Please know that the cost you pay for the book reflects only the true cost of printing. I am not making a profit from the sale of this book.

To purchase your print copy, please go here to order.

Paul’s book is also available to view in digital form.

If you knew Paul or were moved by his work, we would deeply appreciate a donation to the American Cancer Society for $10 in Paul’s honor.

Additionally, feel free to leave a comment here if you have memories with Paul or would like to comment on his artwork. His friends and family would appreciate reading it!

Dear Paul… I finished it. I miss you. I love you. -JD

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Shining in the Dark — The Art of Paul Barson

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