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What is the 5DayDeal?

5DayDeal is a separate company that I’m working with for FIVE DAYS ONLY.

From Oct. 15 at noon until Oct. 20th at noon, I am giving them the exclusive rights to sell these two products:

Beautiful World Foundations, 2020 Edition is included in the Main Bundle)

Once you’ve purchased the Main Bundle, you have the option to upgrade.

Beautiful World Vignettes is in the upgrade Complete Bundle.

When I say EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO SELL, I’m not kidding. I cannot sell the NEW Foundations until after the sale is over. 5DayDeal is responsible for creating, supporting and overseeing ALL details for this MASSIVE photography bundle. I do not and cannot sell the bundle myself because my work is only a fraction of it’s contents.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

In 11 years of business, I have only ever trusted one outside vendor to sell my products… 5DayDeal. I believe in their mission (supplying people with a diverse amount of quality tools and educational resources) and I believe in how they give back (donating 10% off the top of each sale directly to charity partners).

I am not a vendor who is a deep discounter. I price as low as I can while still able to keep my business profitable and then hold those prices for years. I do this because I want you to believe me when I promise that a good deal is a good deal.

This year’s 5DayDeal Bundle is a good deal.

Let’s talk about what I’m including first.

Since 2013 (crazy, huh?) the original Beautiful World Foundations product has been one of my most recommended products. It’s not sexy. There is no “one push of a button makes magic” action.

What is has instead is the blueprint and the tools for YOU to create exactly the clean edit you envisioned when you took your photo. What you do with that clean edit is up to you. You can leave it as is, or you can then add fine art embellishments like overlays, or more fine art color toning actions, or textures… You name it. But editing is like building a house. The overlays, the tints, the textures are the decorations, the embellishments… Foundations is the solid base everything else is built upon.

When I created Foundations 7 years ago, I priced it at $135.

When I created the QuickFlow Actions and Tints product in 2019, I effectively replaced the QuickStart actions from the Foundations set. QuickStart actions were better and more efficient than the actions in the first set from Foundations. So I quietly lowered the price of Foundations to $99.

Over the past year, I’ve been re-imagining Foundations. How it could be better, more useful, more powerful – yet not overpowering – and 100% different in it’s approach to QuickFlow. If QuickFlow was about speed and efficiency, then Foundations would be about the nitty gritty. The details. The special touches that, when done in careful sections, turn a nice photograph into Fine Art.

I’m proud and excited to say that Foundations is exactly that. A product that offers both big and small transformations with tons of control. A product that doesn’t force a certain editing look upon you but rather is guided by YOU, the artist who is doing the editing.

This new Foundations is split into five different sets. Each will sell separately. Some of the brushes, including the Extra Sharp Detail Brush and the Freckle Brush already do. The set is a $180 value.

For 5 days only, I’m selling it for $89 as a part of the 5DayDeal main bundle…. After that, the price for these exact same action sets goes up to $170.

When you purchase the Main Bundle, you get complete access to not only my NEW Foundations 2020, but also the older set. Just in case you are still using an older version of PS or PSE. Or maybe there is a specific action your friend recommends and I got rid of it in the new set. It happens. Now you have that too 🙂

Included in the Main Bundle are products from other vendors. They include actions, presets, overlays, backgrounds, tutorials, e-books… you name it. I’m gonna get right on “Pricing Your Photography Workshop” because at some point this pandemic is going to end, right? (RIGHT?!?!)

But seriously, I’m going to be looking at the lighting instruction and the landscape tutorials. Not until January when work slows down a bit, but that’s okay because I have a YEAR to download the MOST of the goods. In some cases, if there is an activation code, you need to do it sooner, within 60 days. After that, there is more time depending on the product. Information on each of those products is described under them so check it out. For example, SmugMug is 6 months. All other non-redemption products are 1 year to stream and/or download. So in most cases, you have time. I know I need it, I’m sure you do too.

There are some heavy hitters in this bundle. Lara Jade, Joel Grimes, Scott Kelby, FStoppers, SLR Lounge and more. I’m honored to be included with them.

The total cost of the main bundle, were you to buy each individually, would be around $2800.

For 5 days you can get it for $89.

How you ask? Well, it kind of comes down to this:

I only make the money for products I sell through my link. So I’m pushing HARD for you to buy from ME. 🙂

That is why I’m offering this special bonus to those of you who do just that!

The NEW Watercolor Inspired Tints and Textures!

PLEASE NOTE: This product will arrive AFTER the bundle. Because it is EXCLUSIVE for my buyers, it does not automatically come in the bundle… Why? Because NO ONE ELSE GETS IT FREE *insert evil laughter*. It’s just my little gift to you as a bonus for you buying the bundle from me.


Shortly after the last day of the sale, on Oct. 20th, I will get a final count from 5DD of how many bundles I’ve sold. I’ll get email addresses of those who’ve purchased. Once I have that final accounting, I’ll be emailing you download links and instructions to claim your bonus 🙂

Every link to 5DayDeal on this page is my exclusive link, but just in case, HERE it is again 🙂

So just a few more things…

As I mentioned above, I have another product in this Bundle, the Beautiful World Vignettes, that is available in as an add-on option in the 5DayDeal Complete Bundle. This add-on option is a nice deal. You pay a little more but get access to $5420 worth of products. Not too shabby!

Last, but not least, since 2014, 5DayDeal has donated over 1,800,000 to charity. Because of these bundles.

This year, with the pandemic upon us, we have a new goal. We are still supporting charity partners like Orbis, Make-A-Wish and Mercy Ships, but this year we are also focused on FEEDING people. As I write this, the bundle has pledged 100,000 meals to Feeding America and No Kid Hungry.

Our goal is 300,000 meals.

My husband volunteers three days a week at our local food pantry. I hear the stories. This subject is near and dear to my heart. I’m so grateful to be able to be a small part of helping people experiencing food insecurity at this time. It’s true that together we are making a #5DayDifference.

Well, I think I’ve covered all the basics of this sale. Except to remind you that the clock is ticking! On October 20th, this deal is history. The contracts expire and all of us vendors go back to our separate corners. Get your bundle NOW!

If I’ve not answered a question you have, please feel free to ask me in the comments below or in the Beautiful World Facebook group 🙂

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