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Beautiful World Magazine, September 2020

September is here! Order up your pumpkin spiced lattes and put on your coziest sweater because the September edition of Beautiful World Magazine is here, both digitally and in PRINT.

Print Edition Available Now!

Print Edition Available for Purchase.

No digital magazine can compete with a premium paper, matte print edition printed to showcase your work.

These magazines are more costly than the ones you might find in your local supermarket, but that’s because they are printed on high quality paper in small editions, then shipped directly to your home.

To order yours, please visit here.

It’s thrilling to announce that Deidre Lewis has graciously accepted the role of Assistant Editor of the magazine. She spent untold hours helping me with so many of the details, even featuring a few of the images herself. Her involvement has insured that so much more care and detail went into publishing this month’s edition.

The magazine has grown from its humble 18 page first issue in June. The July issue expanded to 42 pages. Then August grew ten more for a total of 52 pages. But this September edition out-grew them all, coming in at a whopping 86 pages of beautiful, user-created content.

As Deidre can tell you, we sort through a lot of art to choose the beautiful work we highlight. It’s not easy!

Bottom line is that I’m proud and excited every month to showcase the talented artists who share their work in the group. The magazine could easily be 120 pages because there is THAT MUCH TALENT in this group of artists and photographers. I’m so proud to call these folks my colleagues, friends and customers.

Future editions will be no mare than around 76-80 pages. As page counts rise, so do expenses. The cost of materials and shipping increase, making it more difficult for folks to afford and digital copies longer to load. Bottom line, I think we’re finding the balance between sharing art and keeping things manageable and affordable. With every issue we learn more about what works and what doesn’t.

In this Month’s Edition….

Artist of the Month: Lisset Perrier

I’ve admired Lisset’s work for some time now. She attended my workshop in Idaho last year and I can assure you that the warmth and passion she exudes online is exactly the same as in person. It was a lovely experience getting to shoot with her. One of the images from my workshop is included with a little snapshot of us. It is truly a treasured memory for me, being able to work with her and then spend time with her beautiful family.

September Product Spotlight

See member’s art and get a little insight into how they processed their gorgeous Fall images.

Autumn Tones & Leaf Overlays : Save 30% with checkout code: AUTUMN2020

Julie Johnson Lochridge

Waves & Wonders

Guest Artist: Amy Medina

These gorgeous coastal images light up my Instagram feel. This month, group moderator and seascape photographer, Amy Medina shares some of her processing secrets!

Thank you for supporting us on this journey.

We can’t wait to share September’s images in next month’s edition! Hint: If you’re looking for an inside tip on how to get your image showcased, think Halloween! We’ll also be showcasing more gorgeous images from Fall across the Northern Hemisphere.

Don’t Forget!

Beautiful World group is expanding to Instagram! Please hashtag any work you share using my products with the hashtag #jdBeautifulWorldCollection for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account!

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Beautiful World Magazine, September 2020

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