Beautiful World Magazine, July 2020 - Jessica Drossin Photography


Beautiful World Magazine, July 2020

June certainly was inspiring! This second installment, featuring the art and artists in the Beautiful World Facebook group, is double the size of last month!

40 pages of art, tips, tutorials and inspiration!

July features the first Beautiful World Artist of the Month, Stefano Calderan, as well as Guest Artist Sarah Gupta, Auburn Wendover Photography and Julie Johnson Lochridge Photography. With over 400 submissions in 30 days, there was a lot to choose from! More than 40 artists in all have work showcased this month!

Sadly, I can’t highlight all the work. Trust me when I say that many beautiful and deserving images just didn’t make it in due to the limited space available. If you want to see your work featured next month, I have a few tips I’ll share below (scroll down!)

Want to show off a printed copy on your coffee table?

Starting this month, it’s possible! You can now order a copy of the Beautiful World Magazine, delivered right to your doorstep!

Order a Printed Magazine!

Order your premium printed copy of the magazine today! I am not selling this for a profit, but simply as a source of inspiration and pride for the artists and art shared in the Beautiful World Group. The price of the magazine simply pays for the printing, delivery and production costs.

Get your copy today!

Want to See YOUR Work Featured? Here’s a Few Tips!

  1. Submit your work regularly to the Beautiful World Group on Facebook
  2. Carefully name the JD products you used when editing. (P.S. – Your tweaks and hand edits are ALWAYS assumed)
  3. Make sure your upload is a minimum of 1500 pixels on the longest side. (Preferably 2000 pixels if I’m being honest, but I know that’s a little large for some folk’s comfort).
  4. If possible, upload without a watermark. If you do use a watermark, please have it small or off to the side. Often they just tend to draw too much attention away from the other art so I often choose other images with smaller or less centralized watermarks.
  5. Keep posting! Don’t feel bad if I didn’t select your art for this month’s edition. The process can become very complicated when making collages and I only have so much space.
  6. Think about monthly themes. For the August issue, I’ll be sharing summertime, and perhaps July 4th related shoots. Often, I will tell members I’m looking to do a series on a particular product. Your chances improve if you work with some of these themes in mind.

Highlighted Products in the July Issue:

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Beautiful World Magazine, July 2020

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